As required by the Malta Central Authority, a professional training to the prospective adoptive parents is offered.  Through the training delivered by Adoption Opportunities Agency’s social workers, prospective adoptive parents are given the chance to focus and widen their knowledge regarding many issues, theories, and other interesting topics regarding adoption. The training also aims to provide a source of a supportive network between the prospective adoptive parents who are welcome to interact and share one’s own experiences, worries and hopefulness about their adoption journey.

Children of the world
The course’s layout is as follows:

1    Introduction to Adoption
2    The Adopted child: Getting a better understanding of the adopted child
3    Helping the child to settle within the adoptive family
4    Helping children who have been abused
5    Raised by an adoptive family / Raising an adoptive child – The Experience
6    Reflecting on the process.  What happens next?

Feel free to contact us should you require any additional information regarding our training.