CertificateAdoption Opportunities Agency was accredited in June 2014 by the Malta Central Authority.

Our agency targets inter-country adoption process. Through our work we aim to facilitate the process of adoption to prospective adoptive parents whilst providing another opportunity of a family environment to those children who had been denied one.  Therefore, the agency is committed to give these children a life time opportunity within a safe and healthy environment and where they can flourish in a secure, stable and loving family who supports them throughout.
Adoption Opportunities Agency emphasizes on the importance of delivering a professional, confidential and friendly service to the prospective adoptive parents.   The latter allows the prospective adoptive parents to feel comfortable to work with our team who will take them through the whole process until the actual adoption takes place.

The services provided by Adoption Opportunities Agency are:


•    Conducting meetings with prospective adoptive parents who are considering adoption as an option.  Such meetings will provide information about the process, documents needed and the matching process with the inter-country adoption agency

•    Hands on training seminar delivered by the social workers to the adoptive parents where interesting information about adoption, adoptive children and their behaviour and also listening to others’ experiences about being adopted and adopt

•    Home study report initiates in order to compile the required report for adoption to take place

•    All legal and medical documents and other certificates required by the adopting country are prepared and processed

•    The identification and matching process of available adoptive children from the available countries takes place

•    Support and guidance by Adoption Opportunities Agency throughout and after adoption process is guaranteed

•    A post-adoption report will compiled by the social worker.  The number of home visits conducted for the post-adoption report depends solely on the requirements of the adoptive country

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