Adoptions from Ukraine

Update June 2017 – This program is currently on hold

Ukraine is not a signatory state to the Hague Convention and therefore, their procedure for adoption is fairly different. It is so different that in fact, there is none. In order for a person to adopt a child from the Ukraine, s/he must register with the Kiev Adoption Centre found in order to commence adoption proceedings.

There are a number of requirements which one must adhere to in order to adopt a child from the Ukraine. The adoption centre allows inter-country adoptions provided that the prospective parents have fulfilled the necessary requirements needed in order to be capable of adopting.

What is interesting to note is that when adopting a child from Ukraine, there shall be no fees except for those relating to court filing, notarial, translation and similar services.

In order for a child to be adopted, s/he must be previously registered for at least one year with the Adoption Centre. Ukranian adoption families have priority over foreign applicants. Prospective parents must be heterosexual, married and between the ages of 25 and 65.

Prior to issuing a permit for prospective parents, they must provide the adoption centre with the relevant information such as medical certificates to show that the parents are in good health and do not have tuberculosis, syphilis or AIDS. The prospective parents must also be in possession of a clean conduct, an affidavit confirming that the prospective parents are capable of adopting, proof of income and a copy of the marriage certificate. Prospective parents with a disability are also allowed to adopt provided that they are capable of taking care of the child.

Ukraine adoption also prohibits the prospective parents from seeing the child prior to adoption. The child is only to be seen by the prospective parents once the adoption centre has issued permission to the prospective parents to visit orphanages. Once this permission is issued, the prospective parents may visit orphanages, check medical records and any other information which may be of importance to them. It is then left up to the discretion of the court to allow or deny the adoption from Ukraine to take place.